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Portable Rotary

Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressors

Many applications are just too big for a standard gas drive truck mount piston air compressor. Whether you are winterizing sprinkler systems or in the construction business, you need higher CFM and 100% duty.

CompressorPros LLC offers portable rotary screw air compressors from 43 to 400 CFM.

Consistent with our overall product offering, we have partnered with top manufacturers to provide a powerful range of air compressors to fit your needs.


ConX Equipment produces unique portable rotary screw compressors that are compact, but very powerful. Starting with model SC40e, (Currently Unavailable) ConX uses a 13 HP Honda engine to give you 43 CFM. Staying with an ultra compact design, ConX builds a 70 CFM and 80 CFM unit that you can fit in the back of an SUV. Both the SC70 and SC80 are powered by a 20 HP Honda Engine giving you the most air from a gasoline powered air compressor.

ConX also offers skid and trailer mount diesel powered air compressors. Model SC90 and SC110 both use a Kubota Diesel and can handle a pavement breaker so you do not have to use 185 CFM compressor for jobs that can be handled with less air. Choose the SC90D and SC110D for skid mount options and SC90DT and SC110DT for tow behind.

Rotair by Elgi

Elgi brings a powerful lineup from 70 to over 400 CFM. Made in Italy.

Model GP75 is powered by a 22 HP Honda engine and gives you 73 CFM at a working pressure of 100 psi. The wheels and handle are removable if you want to mount it on your truck or trailer.

Elgi steps up the game with their diesel line of portable air compressors. Starting with the 90 CFM D90KA. The D90KA is compact and powerful and can handle a lot of tough jobs where you do not need 185+ CFM.

Models D185T4F and DS185T4F are your more traditional 185 CFM powerhouse air compressors. The D185T4F is a trailer mounted unit and if you want something that can be mounted on a service truck or your own trailer, The DS185T4F is an outstanding option.

For larger jobs, Elgi offers 300, 375 and 425 CFM options. All are tow behind air compressors powered by diesel engines.

Model D300T4F utilizes a 74 HP Kohler diesel engine and produces 300 CFM at the 100 psi working pressure.

Model D400T4F produces 375 CFM with a 130 HP Kohler diesel engine.

Rounding out Elgi's portable rotary screw lineup is the 425 CFM, 3800 cc Cummins , model D425T4F.

EMAX Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressors

EMAX has just introduced a solid range of portable rotary screw air compressors. Also made in Italy, EMAX has options from 70 to 185 CFM.

A lot of applications do not need 185 CFM, so having smaller compressor options that still pack a punch is a huge plus. Model EGS070PT is powered by a 24 HP Kohler gasoline engine. Although compact, the EGS070PT still produces 70 CFM.

To get more air, but still not having to go all the way to a 185, EMAX offers both 90 and 115 CFM units. Powered by a 24 HP Kubota diesel engine, you have the option of skid mount units (EDS090ST and EDS115ST) and tow behind (EDS090TR and EDS115TR).

Finally, EMAX is also offering the construction standard 185 CFM compressor, both skid mount and tow behind. The 45 HP Kubota diesel engine powers a solid Italian airend to get the 185 CFM @ a working pressure of 100 psi. For potential fuel savings, the EDS185ST and EDS185TR have variable speed regulation, so it will speed up and slow down based on demand.

If you have any questions concerning these or our other compressors, please e-mail or call 803-339-0445