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How Much is an Air Compressor

How Much is an Air Compressor

How much is an air compressor? This seems to be a question many have and it is not a simple answer. The better question is, How Much is the Right Compressor for My Needs? We can work with this question as it can be answered with some questions, that we seek to answer with our page on How to Size a Compressor.

Air compressors differ tremendously in price from a 12 Volt DC powered tire inflater to rotary screw compressors in the hundreds of horse power. If you are looking in the big box store, you may be able to find a cheap air compressor that could fit your limited compressed air needs. If you rely on an air compressor for a living, I would suggest spending more for something that is built for professional and industrial use.

Here at, we offer quality air compressors for a variety of applications. We feature oil free and silent air compressors that can be used in Medical and Dental applications.

Single Stage air compressors can be perfect for home shops to one person mechanics shops. Single stage air compressors typically are limited to around 130 psi.

Two Stage Air Compressors, 5HP and up can be used in broader applications because they provide higher pressure, plus tend to produce more CFM.

In applications with constant air flow needs, Rotary Screw Air Compressors work well. Not only can you get tremendous volume in CFM depending on the HP, enclosed rotary screw compressors are much quieter than piston, or reciprocating air compressors.

To answer the primary question of How much is an air compressor? Let us help you find what fits your specific needs.