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Industrial Gold Compressor Warranty

Industrial Gold Compressor Warranty

Industrial Gold





CompressorPros LLC Warranty Disclaimer:

Warranty Policies

All warranties on the products sold by CompressorPros LLC are covered by the manufacturer and proper warranty procedure must be followed for coverage. Each manufacturer handles potential warranty situations differently, so all situations must involve them directly. CompressorPros LLC does not offer or provide any warranty for the products we sell. Each product is covered by the manufacturer and their warranty.

The warranty information on each page is a general warranty policy. Your product's warranty may vary. Contact the appropriate manufacturer for specifics. CompressorPros LLC is not responsible for any wording of the warranty policies and the information we have may not be up to date, so it is advised that you contact the appropriate manufacturer with any specific questions.

Failure to comply with the manufacturer's warranty procedure may void your products warranty. CompressorPros LLC can provide a contact at the manufacturer, but CompressorPros LLC cannot authorize or determine if there is a warranty claim.

CompressorPros LLC cannot take any products back and/or issue credit. In rare situations, a manufacturer may send a replacement, but that is solely at the manufacturer's discretion.

To help you in your buying decision and also to give you contact information, Click on the Brand Above for that Manufacturer's Warranty Policy and Contact Info.

(Always have your Model and Serial Number Handy)

*CompressorPros LLC nor any Manufacturer offers a guarantee. Each manufacturer does offer a warranty that would cover defects. Please read the warranty policy that represents the product you are considering or have purchased.