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Schulz Air Compressor Warranty

Schulz Air Compressor Warranty


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 Schulz of America Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty
Bare Pumps and Air Compressors manufactured by SCHULZ are warranted to be free from defects in
material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1 (one) year from date of purchase of the end
user, except the Contractor Line of Products and all Gasoline Engine driven products. The warranty on
contractor/engine driven models is 3 months. A proof of purchase must be provided by the user to receive
service under warranty. This warranty is extended to original purchaser for use of the SCHULZ product
(only) and is not transferable.
Where to repair product under Warranty
Only the Schulz Authorized Retail Store where the product was purchased can provide warranty services.
Any service performed by a non authorized service person, voids the warranty. Engines must be taken to
the proper factory authorized service center, i.e. Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Robin.
What is covered under Warranty
Materials, parts and labor to repair the product are covered by this warranty. For products of 5HP and over,
travel/mileage expenses are allowed, see limitations.
What is not covered under Warranty
Defects and damages from failure to perform factory suggested maintenance, wrong application, excessive
wear and tear and rental use. Freight is not covered under warranty. Any loss of use from “shop time” is not
covered by this warranty. Warranty is not to be considered a free maintenance program.
Warranty Limitations
Labor expenses – 4 hours per claim, travel/mileage expenses for products of 5hp and over – 150 miles
round trip per claim. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product found defective free of charge