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Introducing Portacool Evaporative Coolers

13th Feb 2019

Always looking to bring more top quality equipment into the CompressorPros garage equipment offering, we are excited to introduce Portacool

Variable Speed Air Compressors

17th Aug 2018

What is a variable speed air compressor?Basically, a variable speed air compressors has a controller that tells the compressor how much air
Package Deals

Package Deals

Posted by Ray on 23rd Jun 2018

We have found that many times our customers need more than one thing when setting up their shop. To help, we have started paring air compres


Posted by Ray on 27th Mar 2018 has gone through some changes. Some design changes, added product and also a new page featuring Coupon Codes. We do our b
Who is CompressorPros LLC?

Who is CompressorPros LLC?

Posted by Ray on 23rd Jun 2017

When we launched, our goal was to feature only quality brands of air compressors and related equipment. A few years l