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Covid Delays

22nd Jun 2021

Because of the global impact from Covid-19, many of our suppliers are facing tremendous backlogs. From manufacturing, labor, to transportation issues, most industries are seeing much longer lead times than normal.

Currently, Industrial Gold seems to be the least impacted and has been shipping in 2-3 weeks if they have to build and they have shipped some units from stock.

Silentaire has been shipping from stock.

New orders for BelAire, Chicago Pneumatic and Quincy are taking 2-4 weeks for piston product and up to 12 weeks for rotary screw and dryers if not in stock.

C-Aire is currently looking at late July to August to start shipping existing orders and probably 2-3 weeks added to that on new orders.

EMAX currently says they are 6-8 weeks on new orders.

Jenny, which is usually 2-3 weeks is stretching new orders to 5-6 weeks.

Schulz, if not in stock is 6-8 weeks on new orders.

Other manufacturers do have some stock, but if they have to build or wait for them to arrive, they are several weeks out. 

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 803-339-0445 if you wish to get an estimated ship date on a product.

Hopefully, we are getting closer to normal lead times, but for now, everyone is struggling.